Vincent Starino

Vincent Starino, PhD, Psychotherapist

Vincent Starnino believes that everyone has the capacity to grow toward wholeness. The journey, however, is not easy; the reality of the human condition is that there are a variety of challenges that we all face along the way. Vincent offers a holistic approach to therapy which emphasizes self-growth through exploration of the deep meaning of life and self, leading to greater understanding of who and what we are. Themes such as meaning-making, sense of purpose, and deep connection to self, other people, nature, and the transcendent are explored.

Vincent is a trained therapist, university professor, researcher, and writer. He obtained his Masters degree at McGill University in Montreal Canada, and his PhD at the University of Kansas. In addition to being a licensed therapist, Vincent is a graduate of the Souljourner spiritual direction program sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas.

In addition to his formal education, Vincent’s holistic approach is heavily influenced by his work as a mental health therapist where many clients report a desire to address the transcendent dimension as part of their recovery effort. Vincent’s holistic approach allows people to define their own journey, and it is suitable for those from a variety of faith traditions, as well as those who are exploring or do not identify with a spiritual tradition.

Vincent has authored many publications and has presented nationally and internationally on the topic of spiritually integrated therapy. He recently published a chapter titled “Spirituality and recovery” in the third edition of the widely read book Community Mental Health: Challenges for the 21st Century. Vincent also recently helped develop a treatment manual called Search for Meaning, which is designed to assist military veterans and others who experience a sense of emptiness and struggle with finding meaning due to trauma.
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