Richard Paul, MSW, LSW

“Never reduce your dreams to the level of the  event which is  your immediate experience.” 
Howard Thurman 

Richard Paul, MSW, LSW

Rich is known for his ability to work well with people from various/diverse backgrounds, through establishing rapport, keeping a sense of humor, and making therapy relatable. He places high priority on not only recognizing challenges that clients face, but also highlighting and harnessing positive supports through a strengths perspective. He practices with the understanding that the mind, body, and spirit are connected, and to only treat one of these components, is to neglect the others.  
Rich received his Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University School of Science in Clinical Psychology, then went on to graduate from the Indiana University School of Social Work with a Masters in Social Work, with a focus on mental health and addictions. He has expertise working with adolescents and adults with addiction and mental health issues.
Rich has experience working with individuals living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder (and other mood disorders), self-esteem issues, and addiction. He places emphasis on meeting clients “where they are at,” in terms of being nonjudgmental and recognizing the influential nature of environment on human behavior, happiness, and overall functioning. He believes that in order to provide the most effective level of care, it is essential to acknowledge the various interlocking components and challenges that exist within an individual’s past and present.
He has facilitated countless groups in the past focusing on adolescent/adult addiction issues, social support, and relapse prevention. In addition, he has created and facilitated ‘Mindfulness’ groups focusing on addressing anxiety, grief, addiction, family, and environmental challenges through incorporating spirituality and cognitive-behavioral therapy as a means of altering the “lens” through which we view suffering.

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