Christine Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW, LCAC and other Kenosis associates have provided local, regional and national trainings on a variety of clinical topics including, anxiety, trauma/suicide, physician/professional caregiving,  and gifted children as well as group work, women’s issues, perinatal mood disorders, marital programs, parenting, etc.
See the list below for some of the highly requested presentations. 
Calming the Calamities: Managing Anxiety, Panic and Intense Emotions in a Non-Medical Way
Calming the Calamities in Kids
Navigating the Storm: Managing Chronic Illness
A Soul’s Search for Meaning: Integrating Faith & Spirituality into Therapy
Hope and Healing: Suicide Prevention and Support for Survivors of Suicide 
Post-Traumatic Growth: Drawing on Resilience to Work thru Trauma
Reinforcing Resilience: Navigating Trauma thru the Eyes of the Gifted
Trauma and Introduction to EMDR

Over-excitabilities, Intensity & Perfectionism
Parental R&R: Resilience & Rejuvenation
Parenting in a Generation Me World
Rocket Science of Raising Gifted Kids
Rocket Science of Teaching Gifted Kids & Working with Parents
Speaking of Me: Stepping Stones to a Better Life
Strengths-Based Parenting
Underachievement among the Gifted: Unlocking the Fixed Mindset
Understanding Temperament: Connecting with Our Kids

Caregiver R&R: Resilience & Rejuvenation
Physician/Professional R&R: Resilience & Rejuvenation 
Private Practice: Creating a Community-Based Business as a Behavioral Health Specialist

Advanced Marital Therapies: A Marital Therapy System That Works 
Blending Souls – Deepening God’s Presence in your Marriage/ Couples’ Spiritual Connection
Driving Marital Values – Creating An Intentional Marriage
Growing Together – Making a Marriage that Works
Living Our Strengths – Blending Strengths & Love Languages
Love Languages – Speaking Your Partners Language

Group Work for Women: Building Resilience and Strengthening Personal Power
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