Pearl - Furry Co-Therapist

Pearl, Furry Co-Therapist

Pearl, a Boston Terrier/Rat Terrier Mix puppy, is our newest furry co-therapist here at Kenosis! Pearl enjoys a good book and long walks on the beach...just kidding! More than anything, Pearl loves some playful snuggle time during sessions, and sometimes wears herself out with all the hard work she does at the office! 

When Pearl sits in with you during sessions, just pull out the nearest fleece blanket and she is instantly in your lap. Petting Pearl while you talk with your therapist is comforting and calming, particularly for those who experience anxiety. Pearl is also in tune with the emotions of those around her, and you'll often feel a small paw or wet nose on your arm if she notices an emotional shift in you during session.

On weekends, Pearl goes home with her mom, Natalie, and plays with her two feline friends, Petey and Charlotte, who both outweigh her! Pearl and Petey are already best buds, and love to play tug of war together. Pearl is in the office on most days that Natalie is in, so look around the waiting area for this adorable pup when you arrive!

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