Oreo, Canine Therapy

Oreo, Furry Co-Therapist

Oreo, a black and white Shih Tzu, first started coming to Kenosis with Melissa Lemler three years ago. Oreo was diagnosed with epilepsy and she required close monitoring, so Melissa brought her to work with her.  Even though she is now seizure-free and getting healthier every day, Oreo still loves to come to ‘work’. When Melissa says to her, “Do you want to go to work?” she gets excited and jumps into the car leash-free. She runs straight to the Kenosis front door and is eager to greet her clients! She can sense when clients are upset and is quick to nestle in next to them to provide comfort. She had a natural ability to make people feel more comfortable and clients report loving having her as Melissa’s unofficial ‘co-therapist’. In her free time, Oreo likes to go on walks, ride in the car, play fetch, dance on her hind legs, rollover, give high fives, and sit on the couch to get her tummy rubbed by her beloved clients.

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