Necessary Forms

Many clients choose to simply come in 15 minutes early for their first appointment and fill out paperwork at the office. However, if you'd like to save yourself a few minutes you can download the paperwork below and fill it out prior to coming for your first session.

Please note that if you're a returning client and it's been 6 months or longer we will need you to fill out intake paperwork again. If you are under the age of 18 you will need a parent to fill out the paperwork and sign the consent for treatment.

Privacy - Please know we are bound by our ethics and federal law to protect your confidentiality. We will not disclose any of your information to any person or outside agency without your permission. If you print off and fill out paperwork prior to your first session, it 's your responsibility to keep that information private until you give it to us to enter in your chart. There is only one time we can break confidentiality and that is if we perceive you are a harm to yourself or another.

Intake Form - All new clients are required to complete this form. Families and couples choose which name you want on the chart.

Child Checklist Form - If your child is the client, this form is in addition to the other paperwork above.

Privacy Notice - This is for you to keep. Please print a copy for yourself, or you can request one at the office.

Couples Intake Forms - Each partner needs to download and complete a copy of the forms below, in addition to completing one of the Intake Forms above.

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