Dakota, Therapy Canine

Dakota, Furry Co-Therapist

We’ve always known how therapeutically healing animals are, so Dakota was brought into our family with a primary purpose of being a member of the Kenosis staff. She is a Shih Tzu, born in Nov 2012. Oreo (Melissa's dog) inspired us to get Dakota from the same breeder. Oreo’s temperament was so laid back & pleasant, plus with Shih Tzu’s being hypoallergenic, it made our decision simple.
Dakota loves playing with her feline siblings at home, especially Einstein, as well as playing fetch with clients during session.  We call her a “pocket pup” because wherever she finds a pocket of space, whether on a lap, tucked in beside someone’s leg while sitting on the couch or in a chair, she snuggles into any small space.  She is quite the social creature & has never met a stranger.
Dakota is friendly, calm, and affectionate. Her presence alone is comforting and calming to many, especially to clients, both young & old, who struggle with anxiety.  If you are fortunate to be at the office on a Dakota day, then prepare to receive some love and affection from this furry co-therapist!

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