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We take pride in being a community-based private practice, serving the clinical and training needs of Indianapolis and surrounding communities.  Our complement of seasoned therapists and highly talented graduate interns offers a variety of counseling specialties.  We look forward to serving you soon!


Melissa  Kenosis


Melissa Lemler, LCSW

Psychotherapist - Adolescent Coordinator

Melissa is well known for her humor and use of metaphors, bringing a fresh and relaxed approach to her down-to-earth work with kids.

Melissa received her Master’s Degree from Indiana University School of Social Work. She has broad experience in working with children, individuals, and families.

She has expertise with children/adolescents that are dealing with social skills deficits, chemical dependency issues, ADHD, behavioral problems,and emotion regulation difficulties. Melissa also works with parents, providing them with creative and effective strategies to positively impact the family dynamics.

For the past 15 years, Melissa has worked with children and adolescent population in various settings.  She has worked in school settings, from kindergarten to high school students, as well at the Juvenile Probation Department, Community Corrections and detention center.

She also has a wealth of experience through the community mental health system, providing wraparound services for elementary students. Melissa places a strong emphasis on positive parenting to improve the family as a whole.

She believes strongly that all members need skills in order to support the changes of individuals in the family.

Melissa’s high energy and zest gives her an edge when working with youth and their families. She brings a light-heartedness to even the most challenging situations.


Specialized Training:

• Adolesent Chemical Dependency

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Depression & Suicide Risk Assessments

• Metaphor and Creative Therapies

Drug Free Johnson County

What Clients Say...

"I was cautious about counseling at first. Then I found Kenosis. I"m glad I came and would do so again if I needed to." 

                       - John T.

"It's like family, except I trust these folks!"

                         - Ron B.

"Three therapists later I finally found what I was looking for at Kenosis.  Answers, Understanding & Healing."

                      - Becky S.

"Kenosis is a safe place for me and my criteria for safe places is long because of all I've been through."

                      - Jenna P.