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We take pride in being a community-based private practice, serving the clinical and training needs of Indianapolis and surrounding communities.  Our complement of seasoned therapists and highly talented graduate interns offers a variety of counseling specialties.  We look forward to serving you soon!


Marriage Counseling Indianapolis

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marriage counseling indianapolis 

How To Benefit From Marriage Counseling Indianapolis

In the current world, the rate of divorce has been increasing almost daily. In fact, the rate of divorce has even been said to surpass the rate at which couples are getting married. This worrying trend has been associated with the changing lifestyles and economic crisis that has seen many married couples opting to take numerous jobs so as to provide for their needs. In the midst of all this, the couple often forgets that they also need time for themselves and time to make their marriage grow. At marriage counseling Indianapolis at Kenosis Center, you are able to be guided on how to regain the lost love or trust that you once had in each other as a couple.

As you know, divorce is not always the answer in most cases.  Knowing the effect that a divorce could have on your family and kids, it is much better to get a marriage counselor from the Kenosis center to help you figure out your marriage.

However, you do not have to wait until problems become very bad in your marriage so as to get some counseling. Most couples wait too long, an average of 7 years!  Get help sooner than later so you can get proper guidance on how to keep the fire burning. All marriages have issues, however some folks get stuck and when the toolbox is empty you need to reach out for help.

A very skilled and experienced therapist that will attend to you during your sessions. The therapists at Kenosis are well trained and will be able to attend to you in the most professional way but still maintaining a caring touch. Just one session with these experts can have a big impact on your marriage.

If you're seeking marriage counseling in Indianapolis, don't allow cost to be a large factor.  If you're in need and don't have financial resources, Kenosis employs several graduate interns who work at a reduced fee but who staff every single case with the owners, Dave & Christine Turo-Shields, so you get the best care available.

To make the center more accessible to all the residents of Indianapolis, they have set two centers on both sides of town. This ensures that everyone in the city gets a chance save gas and have a convenient location. Deciding to come is a great first step in the healing process, however it's not uncommon for one partner to be much more invested than the other at the beginning.

For all your marriage issues, don't put this off. Come down to marriage counseling Indianapolis at Kenosis Center and get all the help you need. You can reach Kenosis Counseling Center at 317-865-1674.  We look forward to your marriage reaching a fabulous level once again.




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What Clients Say...

"I was cautious about counseling at first. Then I found Kenosis. I"m glad I came and would do so again if I needed to." 

                       - John T.

"It's like family, except I trust these folks!"

                         - Ron B.

"Three therapists later I finally found what I was looking for at Kenosis.  Answers, Understanding & Healing."

                      - Becky S.

"Kenosis is a safe place for me and my criteria for safe places is long because of all I've been through."

                      - Jenna P.