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We take pride in being a community-based private practice, serving the clinical and training needs of Indianapolis and surrounding communities.  Our complement of seasoned therapists and highly talented graduate interns offers a variety of counseling specialties.  We look forward to serving you soon!


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J.T. Ferguson, Jr., MS, MFT


J.T.'s view of working with clients starts with the "Beginner's Mind," which is a practice that hopes to achieve a state that is free of preconceptions, judgements and prejudice. He strives to ensure that each encounter with a client is respectful of the challenges that bring them to therapy.

He believes in the interconnectedness of individuals to systems like family, faith community, neighborhood, etc. This belief suggests that people are best understood not in isolation but in relationship to the systems to which they belong. He seeks to understand those relationships and interactions in a way that is non-­pathologizing, empowering and collaborative. His style of intervention centers around being fully present with clients in order to observe, with reverence, challenges and strengths, and he endeavors to collaboratively discover solutions to those issues that prohibit and inhibit growth and success.

J.T. received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a minor in psychology from Fisk University, and his Master’s of Science Degree with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. He has spent 20 years working with men, women and children in difficult circumstances to become productive members of the community, and looks forward to employing his gifts as a therapist to continue to help couples and families to live fulfilling lives.


Areas of Expertise

¥ Family/Parenting

¥ Relationships - Couples/Marriage

¥ Men’s Issues

¥ Anxiety and Mood Disorders


Professional Memberships

¥ American Counseling Association

¥ International Association of Marriage

What Clients Say...

"I was cautious about counseling at first. Then I found Kenosis. I"m glad I came and would do so again if I needed to." 

                       - John T.

"It's like family, except I trust these folks!"

                         - Ron B.

"Three therapists later I finally found what I was looking for at Kenosis.  Answers, Understanding & Healing."

                      - Becky S.

"Kenosis is a safe place for me and my criteria for safe places is long because of all I've been through."

                      - Jenna P.